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Thank you for your visit. This is a MAZDA MX5 MIATA / EUNOS ROADSTER parts / Custom used car online store. We have normal parts and custom parts for successive and the latest MAZDA/MX5 MIATA. You want to remodel your MAZDA/MX5 MIATA, but you're not sure what kinds of parts are available and which ones to use. Then, please consult us. We will find the best parts which suits your needs.Please ask us about parts that are not listed on our website.We deliver all the parts from Japan.


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Model List Production Engine
E-NA6CE/E-NA8C 1989-1998 B6-ZE/BP-ZE
Also called
Mazda MX-5 Miata
Mazda Miata
Eunos Roadster
Mazda Roadster

Precedence reservation will be started in the name of Eunos Roadster in August, 1989 as the first rank of the Eunos store monopoly model established as part of the Mazda five-channel strategy of a bubble period, Out of Japan, it is sold under the name of Mazda MX-5. In addition, in North America, it was referred to as Mazda MX-5 Miata to the 2nd generation. In Europe, NA is called Mark1 and NB is called Mark2 in many cases. Although Mazda MX-5 Miata recorded the hit to the extent that it registers also with Guinness Book of Records, many of cars of this category will be behind shifted to the premium intention with a high profit ratio which was enlarged, was large-patterned and adopted the engine of large displacement volume. NA The big minor change of 2 times is received after the model of a beginning term. Although performances including change of displacement volume, such as improvement in each part rigidity, will change a lot, there is no big change about an exterior and there is no difference with every big model. About the logo plate of "Roadster" of rear, character colors differ by each model, and, in a black letter and the NA8C series 1, a red character and the NA8C series 2 serve as NA6CE a green character. In 2004, the 1st place was gained in the American sports car technical magazine, the sports car, and the elected international best sports car section of the 1990s. NB The model change was undergone in 1998 and it became the 2nd generation. By Mazda dealers' streamlining, absorption closing was carried out, and the Eunos store which is the first sales series accumulated, and became sale by the name of Mazda Roadster. Catalog top full width was only stopped by that 5 mm became large by the temper of the members of a design which disliked that body size became large. The design turned into a design with the glamorousness which turns around with the founder and advertizes a sport and which was rich in American intonation. The minor change was performed in 2000, the exterior was modified centering on the front mask, and change of making the weight saving of a seat sheet, and design change, design change of a meter panel and the design of an instrument panel into what admiration really exists as for was made. The variable air intake system of a 1800-cc engine is abandoned, instead the S-VT mechanism which is a variable valve timing mechanism of Mazda is carried, and a horsepower and torque are improving. NC In the platform, NC platform was used. Although the basic component was mostly succeeded in the last model change, it was renewed from the platform this time. Although we were anxious about the increase of weight also from fields, such as body enlargement to three numbers, the thorough weight saving in details is performed and weight is increasing slightly only by 20 kg by comparison of RS (1100 kg) of a predecessor's NB type RS last type (1080 kg) and NC type. It was chosen as CAR OF THE YEAR JAPAN in 2005 to 2006 in November, 2005.

List of Available Parts

Injection / Carburettor / Dynamo / Radiator / Supercharger / Injector / Intercooler / Turbocharger / Mission oil / Water Pump / Flywheel / Cylinder block / Camshaft / Piston / Connecting rod / Plug / Cam cover / Oil pan / Engine mount / Brake shoe / Brake drum / Brake oil / Disc brake / Brake hose / Master cylinder / Brake booster / Brake rotor / Brake caliper / Brake pads / Pressure plate / Flywheel / Clutch cover / Clutch disc / Clutch / Crankshaft / Propeller shaft / Transmission / Meter / Miller / Shift lever / Fog lamp / Pillar / Rear spoiler / Fender mirror / Door mirror / Bumper / Bonnet / Fender / Inlet manifold / Air cleaner / Exhaust Manifold / Muffler / Piston ring / Oil pump / Timing belt / Spark plug / Thermostat / Oil filter / Wire / Radiator reservoir tank / Cable / Starter / Pulley / Gasket / Valve spring / Rocker arm bearing / Oil cooler / Air flow meter / Valve seat / Pisutopin / Cylinder liner / Valve guide / Rocker arm / Fuel Pump / Pushrod / Timing chain / Ignition coil / Distributor / Differential gear / Final gear / Suspension arm / Front fork / etc

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